Pakistan Cricket Board Unhappy with Babar Azam and Shaheen Shah Afridi’s Social Media Sessions

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) finds itself in a bit of a pickle following the recent social media engagements of former skipper Babar Azam and current national T20 skipper Shaheen Shah Afridi. The duo’s participation in Q&A sessions on the social media platform ‘X’ has raised eyebrows within the board, sparking concerns over adherence to contractual obligations and potential controversies.

Babar Azam’s Q&A session on ‘X’ drew an impressive turnout of over 20,000 fans, reaffirming his enduring popularity despite relinquishing the captaincy. Meanwhile, Shaheen Shah Afridi’s session saw around 4,000 fans tuning in, highlighting his growing stature in the cricketing world.

However, the PCB is not amused by the players’ decision to engage in these sessions, which were seemingly arranged by their agents. According to a source within the board, such activities raise questions about compliance with contractual obligations imposed on centrally contracted players.

“The decision by the two senior players to go ahead with the social media sessions obviously arranged by their agent had not gone down well with the cricket board,” the source revealed.

The PCB is now reevaluating the clauses governing the social media activities of contracted players, with a particular focus on mitigating the risk of unnecessary controversies. The board is keen on ensuring that players uphold the standards expected of them and avoid actions that could potentially tarnish the image of Pakistani cricket.

While social media has become an integral part of modern sports marketing and player engagement, the PCB’s stance underscores the delicate balance between personal expression and professional responsibility. Players must navigate these realms with caution, mindful of the impact their actions may have on the reputation of the sport and the organization they represent.

As the PCB moves forward with its review of contractual clauses, it remains committed to fostering a culture of accountability and integrity within Pakistani cricket. While players are encouraged to interact with fans and build their personal brands, it is imperative that they do so in a manner that aligns with the values and expectations set forth by the board.


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