Ozzy Osbourne Calls Out Kanye West for Using Sample Despite Rejection

British rock legend Ozzy Osbourne took to social media on Saturday to express his frustration and anger towards American rapper Kanye West for using a sample of his music without permission. In a fiery post on X, Osbourne revealed that West had sought permission to use an instrumental from a 1983 live recording of Black Sabbath’s iconic song “Iron Man,” but Osbourne refused due to West’s history of antisemitic behavior.

Osbourne, the former frontman of Black Sabbath, condemned West as an “antisemite” who has caused “untold heartache to many.” Despite Osbourne’s rejection, the sample was included in the listening party for West’s upcoming album, titled “Vultures,” sparking Osbourne’s outrage.

“I want no association with this man!” Osbourne declared emphatically, underscoring his refusal to be linked with West in any way. His sentiments echo those of his wife Sharon Osbourne, who recently affirmed her commitment to Judaism in an interview with the London-based Jewish Chronicle.

West’s controversial remarks and actions, including posting a disturbing image featuring a Star of David intertwined with a swastika on X (formerly Twitter) in December 2022, have led to repercussions in the music industry. The screenshot resulted in West’s suspension from the platform for several months.

Furthermore, West’s expressions of admiration for Adolf Hitler and his reported consideration of naming one of his studio albums after the Nazi dictator have further fueled criticism and backlash. Despite objections from his record label, West’s troubling rhetoric continues to overshadow his musical endeavors.

Osbourne’s public rebuke serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and responsibility, particularly in an industry as influential as the music business. As artists wield their creative power, they must also recognize the impact of their words and actions on society at large. Osbourne’s stance against antisemitism and refusal to tolerate hateful behavior sets a powerful example, emphasizing the need for integrity and respect within the music community.


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