Former Governor Larry Hogan Announces Senate Campaign

In a recent video released by his Senate campaign, former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared his candidacy for the United States Senate, addressing fellow Marylanders with a message of unity and bipartisan cooperation.

Hogan, who served as governor for eight years, emphasized his track record of transcending divisive politics and uniting the state of Maryland. He expressed his commitment to running for Senate not to serve a single party, but to be part of the solution in fixing the nation’s broken politics and advocating for the interests of Marylanders.

Drawing on his experience as governor, Hogan pledged to bring the same dedication and leadership to the Senate, promising to prioritize the needs of his constituents above partisan interests. His decision to run comes at a critical time as GOP leaders aim to regain control of the Senate from Democrats, who currently hold a slim majority.

In reflecting on his past decisions regarding a Senate run, Hogan revealed that he turned down pressure from prominent Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, to challenge Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen in 2022. Despite expressing confidence in his ability to win, Hogan ultimately chose not to pursue the Senate seat at that time, citing a lack of personal conviction.

As Hogan embarks on his Senate campaign, he aims to bridge the political divide and represent the people of Maryland with integrity and dedication. His bid for the Senate signals a renewed commitment to public service and a determination to address the pressing issues facing the nation. Marylanders will undoubtedly be watching closely as Hogan navigates the path forward in his quest for the Senate seat.


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