Former Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Convicted of Mortgage Fraud

Former top prosecutor for the city of Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, was convicted on one count of mortgage fraud after a lengthy criminal trial. The jury delivered a split verdict, finding Mosby not guilty on a second mortgage fraud charge but convicting her on one count. This conclusion comes on the heels of Mosby’s previous conviction on two counts of perjury in a separate trial held in November.

The federal charges against Mosby stemmed from allegations that she misrepresented a pandemic-related hardship to make early withdrawals from her retirement account. Prosecutors argued that Mosby used this money for down payments on two vacation homes in Florida, all while making false statements on the mortgage applications.

Mosby, who served two terms as the state’s attorney for Baltimore, gained national attention for her progressive policies and high-profile decisions. Notably, she pursued charges against the police officers involved in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, which sparked widespread protests against police brutality. Despite her efforts, none of the officers were convicted.

Facing indictment by a federal grand jury, Mosby lost re-election in 2022. Her mortgage fraud trial, which began in mid-January, was moved from Baltimore to Greenbelt, Maryland, due to concerns about potential juror bias stemming from extensive media coverage of the case.

The conviction marks a significant downfall for Mosby, once a prominent figure in Baltimore politics. As she awaits sentencing in both the mortgage fraud and perjury cases, the outcome underscores the serious consequences of unethical behavior, even for individuals in positions of power and authority.


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