Tragic Accident Claims Lives of Three Indian Students in Greater Toronto Area

In a heartbreaking incident, three young males from India lost their lives in a tragic accident in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) during the early hours of Thursday. Peel Regional Police (PRP) responded to the scene and discovered three young adult males, who were pronounced deceased. Preliminary investigations suggest that high speed and possible collision with another vehicle were factors in the accident.

The victims, identified as recent graduates from Seneca College, were brothers from Chandigarh, while their friend hailed from Pune. The trio shared a close bond, residing together in a basement apartment in Brampton. They were employed at the Savarg Beauty Salon in town, where the salon owner, Tirath Gill, described them as family. Gill expressed profound sorrow at the loss, emphasizing their strong work ethic and companionship.

The tragedy struck on a particularly poignant night, as one of the brothers, Reetik Chabbra, was celebrating his birthday alongside his younger sibling and their friend, Gaurav Fasge. The group was likely returning home after a celebratory dinner when their Volkswagen Jetta collided with a pole, resulting in the devastating loss of their lives.

The sudden and tragic nature of the accident has left their community reeling, prompting friends to initiate an online fundraiser to support the repatriation of Fasge’s remains to India and cover the funeral expenses for the Chabbra brothers. The outpouring of support reflects the profound impact of their untimely passing on those who knew and cherished them.

As the families and loved ones mourn the loss of these vibrant young individuals, the community rallies together in solidarity, offering condolences and support during this difficult time. The memory of the Chabbra brothers and Fasge will endure as a testament to their friendship, warmth, and the bright futures tragically cut short.


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