Diljit’s Peppy Track Sets the Tone for Coke Studio Bharat 2024

Coke Studio India’s official YouTube channel unveiled a vibrant new song on Friday, featuring none other than the charismatic Diljit. The track captures the essence of first attractions and the overwhelming feeling of love that takes over the mind. With an electrifying presence by ‘The Quick Style,’ the song promises to make listeners groove while adding a whole lot of heart to the Coke Studio Bharat 2024 lineup.

In the video, Diljit dons an oversized black shirt and a bright red turban, effortlessly matching steps with members of The Quick Style. The Punjabi song delves into the theme of love and attraction, portraying how it leaves the lover with sleepless nights, lost in constant thoughts of their beloved.

Fan reactions to the song have been overwhelmingly positive, with one fan describing Diljit as a true rockstar and praising the track’s freshness. Another fan expressed excitement over the fusion of Quick Style’s dance moves with Diljit’s Punjabi vibes. Many lauded the addictive beats, top-notch cinematography, and the perfect blend of Diljit’s vocals with The Quick Style’s dance moves.

Arnab Roy, Vice President of Marketing at Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia, expressed delight at the launch of Coke Studio Bharat season 2.0. He highlighted the platform’s commitment to celebrating the richness of regional music in Bharat and providing a stage for emerging independent artists alongside established iconic names. The curated soundtracks aim to capture the spirit of a young, energetic, and optimistic Bharat.

As Coke Studio Bharat season 2.0 kicks off, fans can expect more soulful tracks and captivating performances, continuing to showcase the diverse musical landscape of India. With Diljit’s infectious energy and The Quick Style’s dynamic presence, this season promises to be a memorable celebration of music and culture.


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