Brockmans Unveils Berry Royale Liqueur: Perfect Pairing for Valentine’s Celebrations

English gin brand Brockmans has expanded its offerings with the launch of its first liqueur: Berry Royale. Designed to elevate Valentine’s celebrations, Berry Royale is a 25%-ABV liqueur crafted to complement sparkling wine.

Announcing the release on social media, Brockmans described Berry Royale as a delectable gin liqueur made with their Intensely Smooth Gin, infused with blackberries, blueberries, redcurrants, and sloe berries. The brand suggests pairing Berry Royale with a splash of fizz to create a romantic toast exuding elegance.

Priced at £28.00 online, Berry Royale is currently available exclusively in the United Kingdom, offering consumers a luxurious option for Valentine’s Day festivities.

This launch comes shortly after Brockmans Gin achieved its B Corporation certification, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s commitment to sustainability. With a focus on environmental responsibility, Brockmans has been certified as carbon neutral since 2020, making the B Corporation accreditation a natural progression in its sustainability journey.

Brockmans’ product range includes its flagship berry-forward gin, Orange Kiss, and Agave Cut. Orange Kiss, introduced in May 2023, marked the brand’s first new product since its establishment in 2006, while Agave Cut joined the lineup just five months later.

As Brockmans continues to innovate and expand its offerings, Berry Royale promises to be a standout addition, providing consumers with a unique and indulgent experience for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and beyond.


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