Boris Johnson Condemns Tucker Carlson’s “Ludicrous” Interview with Putin

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lambasted conservative commentator Tucker Carlson for what he described as a “ludicrous interview” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, characterized by Johnson as rife with falsehoods.

In a video posted by the Daily Mail, Johnson expressed concern over the global viewership of the interview, cautioning against falling for Putin’s “tissue of lies.” Johnson emphatically rejected the notion that Putin is destined for success in Ukraine, asserting instead that he is bound for failure.

Johnson’s criticism stemmed from Carlson’s recent interview with Putin, marking the first interaction between a Western media personality and the Russian leader since the onset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago. Johnson accused Carlson of adopting a overly friendly demeanor and failing to pose tough questions to Putin.

In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Johnson excoriated Carlson’s interviewing approach, accusing him of betraying viewers by refraining from challenging Putin on his actions in Ukraine. Johnson lamented Carlson’s failure to interrogate Putin on his use of brutal tactics in Ukraine, instead asserting that Carlson “acted like a fan” of Putin, uncritically accepting his “falsehoods.”

Johnson highlighted Carlson’s failure to address pressing issues, such as Putin’s responsibility for the maiming and murder of innocent Ukrainian civilians. Despite Putin’s expression of willingness to negotiate with the US regarding the conflict in Ukraine during the interview, Johnson contended that the Russian leader primarily used the platform to justify his decisions.

The scathing critique from Johnson underscores the contentious nature of Carlson’s interview and its implications for public perception of Putin’s actions in Ukraine. As geopolitical tensions continue to escalate, scrutiny of media interactions with world leaders becomes increasingly crucial in shaping public discourse and understanding of global affairs.


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