“Zelda’s Directorial Debut: Unveiling ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ in Los Angeles”

Zelda’s Directorial Debut: A Thrilling Voyage with “Lisa Frankenstein”

Amidst the glitz of Los Angeles, Zelda, the bold visionary at 34, takes center stage with her directorial premiere, “Lisa Frankenstein.” In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE at the film’s grand unveiling, Zelda shares her exhilarating journey of bringing Diablo Cody’s script to cinematic life.

Reflecting on the daunting task of capturing Cody’s unique tone, Zelda admits, “It was really daunting, starting with a campy comedy can be really daunting. But I’m very grateful. We had such a good time.”

The path to the premiere was not without its challenges, as Zelda reveals the unexpected hurdles posed by the pandemic. “Other movies I was set to do just didn’t survive,” she confides.


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