Vaiko Urges Southern Railway for Vande Bharat Express between Madurai and Bengaluru: Demands for Rail Infrastructure Upgrades

Vaiko Urges Southern Railway to Fulfill Promises and Introduce Vande Bharat Express between Madurai and Bengaluru

MDMK general secretary, Vaiko, has called upon the Southern Railway to fulfill its long-standing promise of introducing a day train between Madurai and Bengaluru. With the railways’ commitment remaining on paper for over a decade, Vaiko has submitted a memorandum to Southern Railway general manager R.N. Singh, listing demands on behalf of commuters ahead of Singh’s meeting with MPs from the Madurai Division on February 29.

In his memorandum, Vaiko highlighted the need for several infrastructure and service improvements along various railway routes. These include increasing platform capacity at Tirunelveli and Shencottai Railway Stations, doubling the railway track in the Shencottai–Tenkasi–Tirunelveli Junction section, and laying a bypass line at Tenkasi to eliminate reversals. Additionally, Vaiko emphasized the importance of extending the Madurai–Coimbatore Express train to Tirunelveli and introducing additional trains from Shencottai and Rameswaram to Coimbatore.

Furthermore, Vaiko advocated for specific stoppages at key stations along various routes to improve connectivity and convenience for passengers. He proposed stops for several express trains at Kallidaikurichi, Sattur, Kovilpatti, and Kovilpatti for better accessibility and connectivity.

One of the significant demands in the memorandum is the introduction of a Vande Bharat Express between Madurai and Bengaluru, replacing the unfulfilled promise of a day train. Vaiko stressed the importance of this route and urged the railway authorities to prioritize its implementation.

Additionally, Vaiko called for the conversion of the Tirunelveli–Mumbai Weekly Express into a daily service due to its high patronage and the extension of the Erode–Tirunelveli train to Shencottai via Cheranmahadevi, Kallidaikurichi, Ambasamudram, and Tenkasi.

Other demands listed in the memorandum include the conversion of the Shencottai–Tambaram tri-weekly express into a daily service, upgrading the Tirunelveli–Mettupalayam weekly special train to a regular weekly express, and enhancing the Silambu Express to a ‘super-fast’ express with 24 coaches, including more sleeper coaches.

Vaiko’s efforts underscore the importance of addressing commuters’ needs and improving rail infrastructure and services to enhance connectivity and convenience for passengers across the region. As discussions progress, the hope is that these demands will be considered and implemented to benefit railway users in the Madurai Division and beyond.


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