Premium Bus Service on Mumbai’s Longest Sea Link Launched by BEST Undertaking

“Mumbai’s BEST Undertaking Launches Premium Bus Service on India’s Longest Sea Link”

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) Undertaking has taken a significant stride towards enhancing public transportation connectivity in Mumbai and its outskirts. The recent collaboration with the Chalo app has led to the finalization of bus route S-145, marking the commencement of the first public transport bus service on India’s longest sea link, the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), officially known as the Atal Setu.

Route S-145 will traverse from Konkan Bhavan, Belapur, to the World Trade Centre via the iconic Atal Setu. This premium service aims to bridge the transportation gap and extend the reach of the BEST Undertaking to the Ulwe node of Navi Mumbai. Additionally, there are long-term plans to introduce ordinary buses on the route, catering to a wider demographic of commuters.

The designated route of bus S-145 encompasses key areas such as Sai Sangam, Targhar, Ulwe node, Aai Tarumata, Kamdhenu Oaklands, and the MTHL, culminating at Cuffe Parade after passing through the Eastern Freeway and CSMT Churchgate station. Initial operations will consist of two services in the morning from Belapur to the World Trade Centre and two services in the evening from the World Trade Centre to Belapur, ensuring convenient commuting options for residents and professionals alike.

Public reception to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with bus enthusiasts and experts expressing their admiration for the expansion of public transport infrastructure across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Shubham Padave, a prominent bus enthusiast and expert, lauded the efforts of the Chalo app and the BEST Undertaking in providing citizens with the opportunity to traverse India’s longest sea link via public transport. He expressed hope for the implementation of more premium and ordinary bus routes on the MTHL and other upcoming projects in the region.

Addressing concerns regarding toll charges, BEST officials assured that they are meticulously working on the finer details of the route and fare structure. A trial run with bus enthusiasts and experts has already been conducted to gather feedback and review operational logistics. Former Union Minister of Communications and Shipping, Milind Deora, recently advocated for a “bus priority lane” on the newly-opened MTHL, further highlighting the importance of optimizing public transportation infrastructure to alleviate congestion and enhance mobility in the city.

The launch of the premium bus service on the MTHL signifies a significant milestone in Mumbai’s efforts towards sustainable urban mobility and accessibility. As the city continues to evolve and expand, initiatives like these underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between government agencies, technology platforms, and public stakeholders in fostering a seamless and efficient transportation network for all residents.


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