Inhumane Treatment of Community Dogs Sparks Outcry in Ganga Apartments, Vasant Kunj

In a disturbing turn of events, the residents of Ganga Apartments, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, have witnessed a harrowing display of inhumanity towards the community dogs residing in their neighborhood. As per resources,it has been doubted that The Resident Welfare Association (RWA) president, purportedly motivated by personal gain and the upcoming RWA elections, has taken egregious and illegal actions to rid the society of these innocent animals.

Illegal harassment of community dogs

Reports indicate that the RWA president, in an attempt to curry favor with non-dog sympathizers and bolster his chances in the elections, initiated a campaign to remove the community dogs from the premises. Despite lacking proper paperwork or authorization, the RWA president called upon Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) vans to forcibly capture and relocate these animals, subjecting them to harassment and untold suffering.

Shockingly, despite the presence of law enforcement, the Delhi police failed to intervene as approximately 50 individuals from the society, purportedly influenced by the RWA president’s agenda, targeted and harassed those who sympathized with the plight of the dogs. Witnesses recount a scene of chaos and hostility, with dog sympathizers being pushed, blamed, and subjected to verbal abuse in front of indifferent authorities.

It has been doubted that entire ordeal was orchestrated to further the RWA president’s personal agenda and secure victory in the upcoming elections. Despite the potential for a swift and amicable resolution, the situation escalated needlessly, lasting for six agonizing hours, during which innocent animals were subjected to undue trauma and distress.

CCTV footage of harassment towards community dogs in ganga apartment, vasant kunj New Delhi

Moreover, recent reports of a disturbing rape case involving a female dog within the same society underscore the pervasive cruelty and disregard for animal welfare prevalent in Ganga Apartments. Incidents of dogs being pelted with stones, beaten with sticks and stabbed with knives have also been reported, highlighting the systemic abuse and violence directed towards these defenseless creatures.

The actions of certain groups within Ganga and Yamuna Apartments, driven by personal biases and a misguided agenda, stand in direct violation of Indian court orders, which stipulate that community dogs, provided they are vaccinated and in good health, cannot be forcibly relocated. Despite overwhelming evidence and legal precedents, the perpetrators continue to flout the law and perpetrate acts of cruelty against innocent animals.

The heart-wrenching ordeal has not only exposed the callousness and brutality of certain individuals but also underscored the urgent need for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws and greater compassion towards our furry companions. The relentless persecution of dog sympathizers, including a 70-year-old woman who faced threats and intimidation, serves as a stark reminder of the lengths some are willing to go to in pursuit of their selfish desires.

It is imperative that swift and decisive action be taken to hold the perpetrators accountable and ensure the safety and well-being of the community dogs residing in Ganga Apartments. The voices of compassion and empathy must prevail, standing as a beacon of hope against the darkness of cruelty and indifference. Only through unity and solidarity can we create a society where all beings, human and animal alike, are treated with dignity and respect.


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