“Fire Destroys Historic Lutsen Resort Main Lodge: Community Responds with Support and Resilience”

Historic Lutsen Resort Main Lodge Destroyed in Early Morning Fire

1. Alarm and Response:

  • At 12:24 a.m., the Cook County Sheriff’s Office received a fire alarm notification from Lutsen Resort.
  • Staff reported smoke in the lobby area, and soon the building was completely engulfed.
  • Fortunately, there were no guests on-site, and no injuries were reported.

2. Fire Chief’s Statement:

  • Lutsen Fire Chief Steve Duclos stated that the cause of the fire is undetermined, and the State Fire Marshall will investigate.
  • Duclos described the rapid engulfment of the building, emphasizing its historical significance and vulnerability.

3. Fire Containment and Crews:

  • The Lutsen Fire Department responded immediately, joined by several other fire departments and first responders.
  • After eight hours of battling the blaze, fire crews began to be released from the scene.
  • Notable responders included Lutsen Fire Department, Tofte Fire Department, Grand Marais Fire Department, and others.

4. Resort’s History and Renovations:

  • Established in the mid-1880s, Lutsen Resort has undergone multiple ownership changes, with Bryce Campbell taking over in 2018.
  • Recent renovation efforts aimed to expand the main lodge, with plans for new spaces and additions.

5. Previous Fires and Rebuilding:

  • The lodge has faced fires in its history, with incidents in 1949, 1951, and now 2024.
  • Despite the devastation, Lutsen Resort expressed determination to rebuild and create new memories.

6. Community Support and Reaction:

  • Visit Cook County Executive Director Linda Jurek expressed sympathy for the resort’s owners and emphasized the significant investment made in the lodge.
  • Local businesses, such as Cascade Lodge, provided support by delivering meals and coffee to firefighting crews.


  • The loss of the historic Lutsen Resort main lodge is a significant blow to the community, but the spirit of resilience and support shines through as efforts begin to rebuild and restore this iconic landmark.


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