“Air India Ordered to Compensate Elderly Couple for Seat Change: Chandigarh Lok Adalat Ruling”

Air India Directed to Compensate Elderly Couple for Seat Change

The Permanent Lok Adalat (Public Utility Services) in Chandigarh has ruled in favor of an elderly couple, directing Air India to pay Rs 48,000 for changing their seats on a Delhi-Vancouver flight after charging an extra premium of Rs 18,000. Sunil Parti and his wife Kusum had booked seats with spacious legroom but were surprised to find their seats changed without prior notice.

The couple, who booked tickets for a June 22 flight, selected specific seats by paying an additional amount, only to discover different seats allotted to them on the day of departure. Despite their inquiries, Air India staff allegedly behaved rudely and refused to address the issue, leading to discomfort and inconvenience for the senior citizens.

Air India defended its actions, claiming that the seat change was due to the couple’s ineligibility for emergency exit seats as per aviation guidelines. However, the Lok Adalat ruled in favor of the complainants, citing the airline’s failure to provide the promised seating and the resultant inconvenience caused.

This ruling highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in airline services, emphasizing the need for airlines to uphold their commitments to passengers. It also serves as a reminder for airlines to prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure proper communication in cases of seat changes or service disruptions.


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