“ADIA’s $4-5 Billion Investment Fund: Boosting India via GIFT City in Gujarat”

ADIA’s Strategic Move: Investing in India via GIFT City

In a significant development, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), the largest sovereign wealth fund in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is poised to establish a substantial presence in India. According to sources familiar with the matter, ADIA is in the process of setting up a $4-5 billion fund to invest in India through a tax-neutral finance hub located in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state.

GIFT City’s Regulatory Approval: Paving the Way for ADIA’s Investment

The regulatory authority overseeing financial services at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, known as GIFT City, has granted in-principle approval for ADIA to establish the fund. This move signifies a significant milestone, as ADIA is set to become the first sovereign wealth fund to channel investments into India via GIFT City.

A Strategic Partnership: India-UAE Collaboration

The intention for ADIA to establish its presence in the finance hub was initially announced in a joint statement by India and the UAE last July. However, the specific details regarding the investment amount and regulatory approval had not been disclosed until now. This strategic collaboration underscores the growing partnership between India and the UAE, with ADIA’s foray into India’s financial landscape marking a pivotal moment in bilateral relations.

Modi’s Role: Strengthening India-UAE Ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to Abu Dhabi to inaugurate a large temple further underscores the deepening ties between India and the UAE. Modi’s proactive engagement with the UAE, including six visits since assuming office, highlights the strategic importance of the relationship with India’s third-largest trading partner.

Expanding Trade Horizons: India-UAE Economic Relations

The burgeoning economic ties between India and the UAE are underscored by robust trade figures, with bilateral trade totaling $85 billion for the financial year ending March 2023. This substantial trade volume underscores the mutual economic interests shared by both nations and lays the foundation for further collaboration and investment opportunities.

Looking Ahead: ADIA’s Investment in India

With ADIA’s imminent entry into India’s investment landscape through GIFT City, the stage is set for enhanced capital inflows and expanded avenues for economic cooperation between the UAE and India. As ADIA navigates this new frontier, its strategic investment decisions are poised to shape the trajectory of India’s financial markets and contribute to the broader economic growth agenda of both nations.

In Conclusion

ADIA’s decision to establish a significant investment fund in India through GIFT City represents a landmark development in bilateral economic relations. With India and the UAE forging closer ties across various sectors, including finance and trade, the collaboration between ADIA and GIFT City exemplifies the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships to drive economic prosperity and foster deeper integration between the two nations.


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