“Legal Battle Over Gyanvapi Mosque: New Plea Sparks Archeological Survey Controversy”

Legal Battle Ensues Over Gyanvapi Mosque: New Plea Calls for Archeological Survey

Amidst a legal tug-of-war over the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi, a fresh plea has emerged, seeking an archeological survey of its cellars. Following a court’s decision allowing Hindu prayers in one cellar, the legal landscape intensifies with the upcoming hearing on February 15.

The petitioner, Rakhi Singh, pivotal in the ongoing Shringar Gauri worshipping suit, emphasizes the survey’s necessity to determine the site’s religious essence. Meanwhile, the Varanasi district swiftly implemented prayers in one cellar post the court’s ruling.

Yet, the Anjum Intezamia Masjid Committee, managing the mosque, appeals the decision in the Allahabad High Court, vowing to contest the proposed survey.

As Varanasi’s cultural and religious heritage hangs in the balance, the nation awaits the unfolding legal drama, where faith, history, and law converge.


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