“Vikrant Massey’s Emotional Journey: Unveiling the BTS Resonance in ’12th Fail'”

Vikrant Massey’s Emotional Odyssey: A Journey Beyond 12th Fail’s Screen

In the kaleidoscope of his career, Vikrant Massey’s trajectory from a television debut in 2007 to the recent sleeper hit ’12th Fail’ echoes resilience, recognition, and a profound connection to the film’s poignant narrative. The biopic, delving into the real-life saga of IPS officer Manoj Sharma, not only captivated audiences but also unraveled a deeply personal connection for Massey.

From Small Screens to Silver Screen Triumph

Embarking on his television journey in 2007, Massey navigated the industry’s nuances, paving his way to cinematic success. The recent release, ’12th Fail,’ marked a turning point in his career, earning him accolades and newfound appreciation. The film’s box office triumph, evolving organically through word of mouth, signifies Massey’s evolution as a performer.

The Resonance of ’12th Fail’

The film’s success story isn’t confined to traditional metrics; it found renewed vigor post its OTT release, adding more screenings in theaters due to growing demand. At its core, ’12th Fail’ is a biopic intricately weaving the inspiring journey of IPS officer Manoj Sharma, striking a chord with audiences for its authenticity.

Vikrant’s Emotional Synchrony

Delving deeper into the behind-the-scenes dynamics, Jaskunwar Kohli, Co-writer, Associate Director, and Editor of ’12th Fail,’ shared a poignant moment during the climax scene’s shoot. Massey’s emotional involvement with the character reached its zenith as his own feelings intertwined with Sharma’s narrative. Kohli revealed, “Vikrant Massey had to fall down onto his knees again and again. No matter how many takes it took, he cried so deeply every time that it was unbelievable.”

An Unforgettable BTS Insight

Kohli painted a vivid picture of Massey’s emotional immersion, stating, “In the middle of takes when he would be standing, ready for the shot, he would keep muttering one line to himself — ‘Main bhi yahan tak bina oxygen support ke pahuncha hoon, woh bhi nange pair.’ This is the line Manoj Kumar Sharma says to the panellists during his interview.”

Vikrant’s Personal Revelation

Post the intense scene, Massey’s emotional release continued, and he confessed to Medha, the film’s essence echoing in his words, “It’s also my story. It’s taken me 19 years to get here… and I’ve also reached here without oxygen support, Medha… barefoot… it’s my story as well…”

In this mesmerizing convergence of reel and real emotions, Vikrant Massey transcends the silver screen, leaving an indelible mark as a performer who not only portrays stories but lives them. ’12th Fail’ becomes a cinematic canvas where Massey’s journey resonates with the resilience encapsulated in Manoj Sharma’s inspiring tale.


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