Unraveling the Sridevi Controversy: Deepti R Pinniti (YouTuber) Charged for Alleged Document Forgery by CBI

Unveiling the Controversy: YouTuber Faces Charges for Alleged Document Forgery in Sridevi’s Case

In a riveting development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has officially filed a chargesheet against YouTuber Deepti R Pinniti. The charges revolve around accusations of forging documents to support sensational claims surrounding the tragic demise of Bollywood icon, Sridevi. This legal action comes in response to a complaint lodged by Mumbai-based lawyer Chandni Shah.

Deepti R Pinniti, a self-proclaimed investigator based in Bhubaneshwar, gained notoriety for her bold assertions in various videos. She alleged a cover-up by both the Indian and UAE governments concerning Sridevi’s death. Shockingly, CBI officials revealed that Deepti had presented ‘forged’ letters from high-ranking officials, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, to lend credibility to her claims.

The unfolding drama began when lawyer Chandni Shah raised concerns about the authenticity of documents presented by Deepti in her videos. Shah pointed out deceptive records allegedly from the UAE government, prompting the CBI to launch an investigation. The Mumbai-based lawyer, in her complaint, accused Deepti of consistently tarnishing the government’s image by baselessly linking it to the deaths of Sridevi and Sushant Singh Rajput.

In response to Shah’s complaint, the CBI reportedly conducted a raid at Deepti’s residence in December last year. During the search, phones and laptops were seized, leading to the revelation that the documents presented by Deepti in her live sessions were indeed ‘forged.’

The CBI has now taken a decisive step, filing a charge sheet against Deepti R Pinniti and her lawyer Bharath Suresh Kamath. The charges encompass relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, including those related to criminal conspiracy.

In the wake of the legal proceedings, Deepti responded by claiming that her statements were not recorded by the CBI. She highlighted a potential conflict of interest, as the alleged forged letters implicated the very authorities under whom the CBI operates.

A YouTube video describing Deepti Pinniti as a ‘businesswoman investigating mysterious deaths related to Bollywood’ has added another layer to the unfolding saga. The content of the video involves names like Sushant Singh Rajput, Sridevi, Disha Salian, and others.

As this legal drama continues to unfold, it brings to light the responsibility and accountability of content creators. The impact of sensational claims on public perception is undeniable, emphasizing the need for authenticity in information shared with the public. The ongoing investigation serves as a stark reminder that with great influence comes the greater responsibility of ensuring the credibility of information disseminated, especially in the digital age.


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