“Unmasking the Western Railway Fake Recruitment Racket: Vigilance Team Triumphs in Rs 21 Crore Scam Bust”

Unraveling the Deception: Western Railway Vigilance Exposes Elaborate Fake Recruitment Racket

In a significant breakthrough, the Vigilance team of Western Railway meticulously unraveled a sophisticated fake recruitment racket that duped over 300 individuals, siphoning a staggering Rs 21 crore from hopeful job seekers.

Three Months of Tireless Pursuit

The pursuit of justice was not swift but thorough, with the vigilant team dedicating an exhaustive three months to track down the elusive culprits orchestrating this malicious scheme. Sumit Thakur, WR’s chief public relations officer, disclosed, “A carefully orchestrated trap was set in motion to apprehend the mastermind, Hartali Prasad Rohidas.” Utilizing an outsider and two proxy candidates, a calculated sum of Rs. 20,000 was strategically transferred to Rohidas via Google Pay.

The Climactic Capture at Mumbai Central Station

The crescendo of the operation unfolded at Mumbai Central Station on February 2, around 2 pm, where Rohidas was apprehended during a planned payment meeting. The arrest marked the culmination of the team’s relentless pursuit of justice and exposed Rohidas as the architect of the scam.

Inside the Fraudulent Operation

An in-depth investigation uncovered the modus operandi of Rohidas, who extracted Rs 9-10 lakh from each deceived candidate. Operating with utmost secrecy, he collaborated with an accomplice based in Kolkata to fabricate counterfeit documents, facilitating the illicit recruitment process.

The Smartphone Treasure Trove

Rohidas’ smartphone became a pivotal piece of evidence, revealing a trove of blocked numbers. These numbers are believed to belong to victims who invested substantial sums in the hope of securing a coveted railway job. A meticulous examination brought to light around 120 conversations, echoing the desperate pleas of individuals who had entrusted Rohidas with sums ranging from Rs 5-8 lakhs.

Triumph of Justice

The dismantling of this nefarious racket stands as a testament to the Western Railway Vigilance team’s unwavering dedication and strategic prowess. Beyond exposing the criminals, this triumph delivers justice to those who, in pursuit of honest employment, fell victim to the malicious machinations of the fake recruitment racket. The railway authorities’ commitment to safeguarding the aspirations of honest job seekers shines through in this remarkable achievement.


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