“Sustaina India Art Exhibition: Transforming Ocean Waste into Environmental Consciousness Through Artistry”

“Sustaina India Art Exhibition: A Deep Dive into Environmental Consciousness”

Art installations often tread lightly on environmental sustainability, but at the Sustaina India art exhibition in New Delhi, a profound statement is being made. Lasting from February 2 to February 15 at the CCA gallery in Bikaner House, this two-week showcase challenges the use-and-throw culture prevalent in the art world.

Ocean’s Echo: Transforming Trash into Art

The exhibition’s centerpiece is Rachna Toshniwal’s colossal installation, ‘There is No Such Thing Called Waste.’ Collaborating with the Naari Shakti women’s self-help group in Alibaug, Maharashtra, Toshniwal spent over four months collecting materials washed ashore – fishing nets, wood, plastic, jute, and coir. This artistic endeavor is not just an exhibition; it’s a powerful message about our consumption and its impact on the oceans.

From Waste to Art: The Medium as the Message

A white cube art space comes alive with a used fishing net embracing the surroundings, beach waste materials strewn across the floor, insect sculptures on the walls, and jute bags crafted from discarded packages. The message is clear – what the ocean returns is our own trash. Toshniwal’s refusal to use glue emphasizes her commitment to an eco-friendly process, leaving no room for introducing new chemicals.

The Art Fellowship: Merging Artistry and Environmental Advocacy

This artistic venture is part of an art fellowship initiated by Thukral and Tagra in collaboration with the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW). The CEEW, a climate think tank, aims to embed sustainability messages in a tangible, engaging space for viewers.

Rethinking Waste: Shifting Perceptions for a Sustainable Future

Toshniwal challenges the conventional notion of waste, urging a shift in perception to alter behavior. Her collected materials tell a different life story, forming a circular loop that contrasts with the linear nature of modern non-biodegradable materials. The exhibition’s overarching message revolves around reducing, reusing, repurposing, and restoring.

Conclusion: A Call to Action Through Art

The Sustaina India art exhibition goes beyond aesthetics, prompting viewers to introspect on their role in environmental degradation. The art objects, tapestries, and sculptures created from found materials are not just visually striking but carry a poignant reminder of our responsibility to the oceans and our planet. Through this artistic journey, Toshniwal invites us to reimagine our lived environment and embrace sustainable practices.


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