“Maharashtra’s Bold Vision: Dharavi Redevelopment, Job Creation, and Senior Citizen Well-being”

Revitalizing Dharavi: Maharashtra’s Vision Unveiled

In a significant stride towards transformation, the Maharashtra cabinet, under Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s guidance, has embraced a proposal vital to the Dharavi redevelopment project. This visionary initiative targets the acquisition of 283.40 acres of salt pan lands in Mumbai for a 99-year lease, fostering rehabilitation within the Dharavi slum redevelopment ambit.

Land Acquisition for Renewal

The state housing department’s proposal gained unanimous approval during a recent cabinet meeting. The strategy is clear: utilize salt pan lands to rehabilitate specific residents, a crucial step in the extensive Dharavi slum redevelopment venture. The forthcoming proposal will outline the transfer of these lands for rehabilitation, solidifying the commitment to this ambitious project.

Financial Sustainability through Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

Ensuring financial sustainability, the market value of the acquired lands will be recovered from the special purpose vehicle (SPV) managing the Dharavi slum colony’s redevelopment. This strategic move sets the stage for the lands to be subsequently handed over to the Union government, a testament to the state’s dedication to transforming Asia’s largest slum sprawl.

Adani Group’s Role and Property Tax Relief

In a pivotal move last July, the Maharashtra government entrusted the Dharavi redevelopment project to a firm within the Adani Group. This multi-crore project, executed through an SPV, is poised to reshape Dharavi, a beacon of progress in central Mumbai. Simultaneously, the cabinet’s decision to maintain current property tax rates in Mumbai brings relief to residents, a compassionate measure considering the financial strains experienced in the wake of the ongoing civic polls.

Boosting Employment Opportunities

Expanding horizons beyond Dharavi, the cabinet has sanctioned employment fairs in key regions of Maharashtra, fostering job creation. The ‘Namo Mega Job Fair’ initiative, already successful in Nagpur, will generate at least two lakh jobs across six fairs, with a dedicated budget of Rs 30 crore.

Chief Minister Vayoshri Scheme for Senior Citizens

Underlining their commitment to holistic development, the cabinet has greenlit the ‘Chief Minister Vayoshri Scheme.’ This initiative, tailored for senior citizens, aims to establish centers for mental well-being and yoga therapy, benefiting over 15 lakh citizens aged 65 and above.

In the dynamic landscape of Maharashtra’s governance, these decisions resonate as beacons of progress, weaving a narrative of transformation, compassion, and resilience.


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