“Indian Railways Fortifies Safety with Kavach: A Technological Triumph Across Routes and Corridors”

Indian Railways Reinforces Safety Net with Kavach: A Technological Triumph

In a pioneering leap towards bolstering safety measures, Indian Railways has unfurled the Kavach system across the South Central Railway, heralding a new era in railway safety. Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw shared the latest updates, showcasing the extensive implementation covering crucial route kilometers and locomotives.

1. The Kavach Unveiling: A Safety Milestone

Kavach, the cutting-edge safety system, has been seamlessly integrated into the South Central Railway, encompassing a substantial network of 1465 route kilometers and 139 locomotives, including Electric Multiple Unit rakes. This strategic deployment reflects Indian Railways’ unwavering commitment to enhancing safety standards across its expansive network.

2. Key Corridors Embrace Kavach

Taking significant strides, Kavach tenders have been awarded for vital corridors such as Delhi–Mumbai and Delhi–Howrah, encapsulating approximately 3000 route kilometers. The implementation progress unfolds across various dimensions:

  • Laying of Optical Fibre Cable: Covering a formidable 3040 kilometers.
  • Installation of Telecom Towers: Establishing 269 towers to fortify communication infrastructure.
  • Provision of Equipment at Stations: Enhancing safety features with 186 installations at stations.
  • Provision of Equipment in Loco: Outfitting 170 locomotives with cutting-edge safety components.
  • Installation of Trackside Equipments: Strengthening the trackside safety network with 827 route kilometers.

3. Kavach: A Beacon of Safety

Certified for Safety Integrity Level-4, Kavach undergoes meticulous scrutiny by an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) during commissioning. This rigorous certification process ensures that Kavach adheres to the highest safety standards, setting a benchmark for technological excellence in railway safety.

4. Addressing Wildlife Safety: Protecting Elephants

In tandem with technological advancements, Indian Railways is also actively addressing concerns related to wildlife safety. The commissioning of Intrusion Detection Systems on 48 vulnerable route kilometers over the Northeast Frontier Railway underscores the commitment to prevent accidents involving elephants. Works are underway based on vulnerability assessments to safeguard locations prone to elephant crossings across the expansive Indian Railways network.

As Kavach weaves a safety net across railway corridors and initiatives are set in motion to protect wildlife, Indian Railways stands at the forefront of technological innovation and safety consciousness. The strides taken reflect a commitment to ensuring safe and secure journeys for passengers while embracing a harmonious coexistence with the environment.


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