“Indian Railways Electrification Milestone: 40,000 Km Achieved with Rapid Pace and Strategic Investments”

Indian Railways Electrifies 40,000 Km: A Transformative Journey

In a monumental achievement, Indian Railways proudly announces the electrification of approximately 40,000 Route Km on the Broad Gauge (BG) network since the fiscal year 2014-15. This significant milestone signifies a remarkable leap from the pace of 1.42 Km/day recorded between 2004-14 to an impressive 18 Km/day in 2022-23, showcasing a substantial acceleration in electrification efforts.

The current landscape of electrification boasts coverage over 94% of the BG network, totaling 61,813 Route km on Indian Railways. This extensive electrification endeavor reflects the commitment to sustainable and efficient railway operations. The ongoing electrification initiatives continue to progress, further enhancing the electrified expanse of the BG network.

This transformative journey has been fueled by substantial investments, with Rs 43,346 crore injected into electrification projects between 2014-23. The financial commitment to electrification aligns with a forward-looking approach, evident in the allocation of Rs. 8,070 crore for electrification during the fiscal year 2023-24. These financial infusions underscore the dedication to advancing electrification initiatives and bolstering the eco-friendly aspect of railway operations.

Zooming out to the broader railway landscape, Indian Railways is currently overseeing a staggering 459 Railway Infrastructure projects as of April 1, 2023. This extensive portfolio encompasses 189 New Line projects, 39 Gauge Conversion projects, and 231 Doubling projects, collectively spanning an impressive total length of 46,360 km. The estimated cost for these projects stands at a substantial Rs. 7.18 lakh crore, highlighting the magnitude of infrastructure development in progress.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Minister of Railways, Communications, and Electronic & Information Technology, shared these updates in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha. The comprehensive overview underscores the ongoing commitment and achievements in the realm of railway electrification and infrastructure development, setting the stage for a modernized and sustainable future for Indian Railways.


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