“Indian Railways Achieves Record Freight Loading: Economic Impacts and Milestones Unveiled in January 2024”

“Indian Railways Hits Record High: Unprecedented Freight Loading and Economic Impacts”

In a historic feat, the Indian Railways achieved its highest-ever freight loading in January, marking a substantial 6.5% year-on-year growth and totaling an impressive 142.7 million tonnes. This accomplishment underscores the railway’s pivotal role in propelling essential economic activities, serving as a key facilitator of transportation.

The milestone was realized through concerted efforts to enhance capacity, commissioning a significant 476 kilometres of track across 25 sections, a notable increase from the previous year. Notably, this achievement was attained despite challenging adverse weather conditions, including prolonged fog across diverse geographical locations.

This success aligns with the government’s overarching vision to boost capacity, introduce new rolling stock, enhance operational efficiencies, and explore new traffic streams through strategic business development activities.

From April 2023 to January 2024, cumulative freight loading reached an impressive 1297.38 million tonnes, surpassing the previous year by approximately 53.92 million tonnes. The railways generated revenue of Rs 140,623.4 crore during this period, reflecting a commendable improvement of around Rs 5,235.30 crore compared to the corresponding period last year.

Specifically, January 2024 witnessed a remarkable increase in originating freight loading, reaching 142.70 million tonnes, showcasing a notable 6.43% growth from January 2023. Freight revenue for January 2024 amounted to Rs. 15,514.82 crore, indicating a substantial 4.06% improvement over the previous year.

Breaking down the freight loading figures for January 2024, Indian Railways achieved significant milestones in various sectors, including coal, iron ore, Pig Iron and Finished Steel, Cement (Excl. Clinker), clinker, foodgrains, fertilisers, mineral oil, containers, and other goods, solidifying its position as a critical player in the nation’s economic landscape.


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