“Blockbuster Resilience: ’12th Fail’ Celebrates 100 Days in Cinemas with Unprecedented Success”

“12th Fail” Triumphs: A Cinematic Marvel Celebrating 100 Days in Theatres

In an unexpected cinematic journey, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s much-loved film “12th Fail” continues to defy expectations as it marks its 100th day in theaters. This feat is nothing short of a miracle, especially considering the availability of the movie on an OTT platform for over a month. Astonishingly, the film maintains its magnetic allure, pulling audiences in significant numbers in specific regions, even surpassing the show count of Ranbir Kapoor’s blockbuster “Animal.”

As the movie enters its 15th week, it stands as a testament to its enduring popularity. Despite the release of major films like “Animal,” “Dunki,” and “Salaar,” and subsequent availability on Disney+ Hotstar, “12th Fail” refuses to fade into obscurity. The film continues to enjoy a robust presence in approximately 35 cinemas in Mumbai and 24 cinemas in Delhi-NCR, with a show count four times more than the reigning blockbuster.

The social media frenzy surrounding “12th Fail” reached new heights when it made its OTT debut. Memes and reels celebrating its scenes, particularly the stellar performance by Medha Shankr as Shraddha, the female lead, fueled the film’s momentum. Rather than diminishing after the OTT release, the film witnessed sustained interest, a phenomenon rarely seen in the industry.

In a surprising turn of events, “12th Fail” not only maintained decent footfalls but also experienced a resurgence in its 12th week, collecting over Rs. 1 crore. This achievement becomes more noteworthy considering the competition it faced from releases like “Merry Christmas” and “Hanuman.”

As the film completes 100 days, theaters celebrate by offering tickets at a flat rate of Rs. 100 until Thursday, February 8. The success story of “12th Fail” raises questions about its unprecedented staying power. Multiplexes are keen to continue showcasing the film as long as the audience interest persists, leaving the possibility of it achieving a rare milestone of completing 25 glorious weeks in cinemas.

The detailed box office collections provide a snapshot of “12th Fail’s” journey, with a cumulative total of Rs. 56.75 crore. This cinematic marvel not only captivates audiences but also challenges the conventional narrative of a film’s lifecycle in today’s dynamic cinema landscape. As the curtains remain drawn for “12th Fail,” its legacy continues to unfold, marking a remarkable chapter in Indian cinema.


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