“Winter’s Embrace: Himachal Pradesh Battles Snowfall Challenges Amidst Stunning Landscapes”

Himachal Pradesh Blanketed in Snow: Challenges and Beauty Intertwined

Himachal Pradesh finds itself ensconced in a snowy embrace as 720 roads, including four national highways, succumb to the wintry weather. The picturesque landscapes are draped in white, painting a serene yet challenging picture for the residents. Amid this frosty tableau, 2,243 transformers stand disrupted, echoing the struggle against nature’s whims.

A District-wise Tale of Winter’s Grip

Shimla district bears the brunt, with 250 roads barricaded by snow, followed closely by Chamba with 163, Lahaul and Spiti with 139, Kullu with 67, Mandi with 54, and Kinnaur with 46, according to data from the state emergency operation centre. The closure of these vital routes poses a logistical challenge for the region.

Snowfall’s Impact on Tribal Areas

Residents in high-altitude tribal areas brave bone-chilling temperatures, with the mercury plummeting 14-18 degrees Celsius below freezing. The cold wave blankets the region, creating an urgent need for proactive measures. Machinery from lower areas is mobilized to the snow-bound zones, and roads are cleared with the strategic use of calcium chloride, as shared by Public Works Department Minister Vikramaditya Singh.

Snowfall Statistics and Shimla’s Winter Wonderland

In the last 24 hours, Triund witnesses a generous 75 cm of fresh snow, while Narkanda and Shikari Devi are blanketed under a 60-cm thick cover. The state capital, Shimla, records a 5-cm deep snowfall, accompanied by a minimum temperature of minus 0.6 degrees Celsius. These weather nuances showcase the intensity of the winter spectacle across Himachal Pradesh.

Freezing Numbers: Temperature Records Across the State

Kusumseri plunges to a bone-chilling minus 13.8 degrees Celsius, Kalpa follows at minus 7.0, Narkanda and Manali endure minus 6.1, Sumdo faces minus 5.4, and Dalhousie shivers at minus 3.1 degrees Celsius. These chilling temperatures underscore the harshness of winter in the mountainous terrains.

Snowfall’s Arrival in Rajouri District

Breaking a prolonged dry spell, higher reaches of the mountains in Rajouri District experience a welcome snowfall, while lower areas receive much-needed rainfall. The landscape transforms into a winter wonderland, attracting tourists to renowned spots like DKG Dehra ki Galli and Manyal Galli in the Thanna Mandi Tehsil.

In the face of adversity, Himachal Pradesh stands resilient, balancing the challenges posed by snow-covered roads and disrupted transformers with the ethereal beauty of a winter landscape. As the region grapples with nature’s wintry embrace, the spirit of its residents remains undeterred, finding solace and beauty in the midst of the snow-laden trials.


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