“Snowfall Splendor: Himachal Pradesh Embraces Winter’s White Magic Amidst Orange Alert”

“Snowflakes Dance: Himachal Pradesh Under Orange Alert for Enchanting Snowfall!

The regional meteorological center in Shimla has painted the hill state in shades of orange with an alert for anticipated snowfall over the next two days. Brace yourselves for a picturesque spectacle as the lower Himalayan regions might also witness thunderstorms, lightning, and hailstorms until 6 February. The snowfall since January 31 has painted the landscape in white, but it’s not all joy as around 485 roads, including 4 national highways, remain closed, creating a snowy maze for travelers.

Shimla, the heart of Himachal Pradesh, witnessed a delightful snowfall on Saturday, bringing smiles to the faces of locals and tourists alike. However, the intense cold wave conditions persist across the state, with temperatures remaining a notch below normal. Kukumseri took the title for the coldest spot at minus 8.1 degrees Celsius, creating a winter wonderland that’s both stunning and challenging.

As the snow blankets the roads, the Public Works Department officials are working tirelessly to clear the pathways, ensuring the wheels of normalcy keep turning. It’s a delicate dance between nature’s beauty and the logistical challenges it presents. Stay tuned for more updates on this enchanting winter saga in Himachal Pradesh!”


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