“Raihan Vadra’s ‘Upamana’: A Captivating Spectacle of Artistic Exploration at Bikaner House”

“Upamana”: Raihan Vadra’s Spectacle of Sensory Exploration at Bikaner House

Raihan Vadra, renowned visual artist and son of Congress politician Priyanka Gandhi and businessman Robert Vadra, steps into the spotlight with his third solo exhibition, “Upamana.” In a life often lived under constant scrutiny, Vadra draws inspiration from his experiences, creating an immersive sensory spectacle that challenges preconceived notions.

The exhibition, housed at Delhi’s Bikaner House until 4 February, transforms a dark room into an enigmatic space. Neon, almost metallic sky photographs adorn the ground, inviting viewers to confront their preconceptions. The title, ‘Upamana,’ a Sanskrit term for new knowledge derived from comparing the known with the unknown, sets the tone for an exploration that offers more questions than answers.

Vadra’s creation took 10 months to complete, and the result is nothing short of a grand, surprising spectacle. Few inscriptions guide visitors through this captivating journey, emphasizing the universality of the experience beyond the personal.

“It’s derived from personal experience, but when my work comes out of that, I push the personal to the side,” Vadra explains. “Anyone can relate to it.”

Part of the India Art Fair’s parallel programs, this exhibition invites art enthusiasts to dive into a world where art transcends the individual, creating a shared connection that goes beyond the confines of a goldfish bowl existence.


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