“NIT Calicut Controversy: Professor Faces Backlash for Godse Post, Ignites Academic Integrity Debate”

“Controversy at NIT Calicut: Professor Booked for Praising Godse Sparks Outcry”

The National Institute of Technology – Calicut finds itself in the midst of controversy as a professor faces police action for a Facebook post seemingly praising Nathuram Godse on Gandhi’s death anniversary. The comment has sparked outrage, with Congress MP M K Raghavan calling for exemplary action against the professor.

In a letter to the NIT-C director, MP Raghavan expressed concern over the inappropriate comment against Mahatma Gandhi and the apparent endorsement of Godse’s actions. He stressed the importance of maintaining an inclusive and respectful academic environment, free from intolerance or hate speech.

The professor, Dr A Shaija, clarified that her comment was not meant to appreciate Gandhi’s killing but rather stemmed from reading Godse’s book, “Why I killed Gandhi.” Shaija highlighted that Godse was also a freedom fighter, and her intention was to engage in a discussion based on the content of the book.

This incident follows recent unrest at NIT-C, where students drew a saffron-colored map of India at the institute’s gate, leading to protests. Additionally, the suspension of a Dalit student, Vysakh Premkumar, for raising a placard stating “India is not a Ram Rajya” has further fueled tensions.

The blog delves into the unfolding controversy at NIT Calicut, exploring the reactions, underlying issues, and the broader implications for academic institutions in maintaining a balanced and respectful environment amid differing perspectives.


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