Ladakh Shutdown Protests: Demands for Statehood and Constitutional Safeguards Gain Momentum Amidst Second Round of Talks

Ladakh’s Quest for Identity: Shutdown Protests Intensify for Statehood and Constitutional Safeguards

Amidst the bone-chilling temperatures, Ladakh Union Territory witnessed a determined shutdown on Saturday, echoing the demands for statehood and Constitutional protection under the Sixth Schedule. Despite the Centre’s announcement of a second round of talks, the streets of Kargil and Leh resonated with the impassioned voices of hundreds advocating for their rights and aspirations.

The Apex Body Leh (ABL) and Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) took the lead, articulating four pivotal demands: Ladakh statehood, Constitutional safeguards through the Sixth Schedule, job reservations for local youth, and the establishment of distinct Parliamentary constituencies for Leh and Kargil. This movement gains significance as Ladakh charts its course post its split from Jammu and Kashmir, with the community steadfast in preserving its unique culture and language.

The high-powered committee, chaired by Minister of State Home Nityanand Rai, engaged in the initial talks on December 4, deliberating on measures to protect Ladakh’s rich cultural heritage and ensure the economic well-being of the region. Ladakh’s journey towards asserting its identity within the constitutional framework unfolds amidst the icy winds of change, challenging norms and carving its path forward. Stay tuned as Ladakh’s call for statehood and safeguards resonates with greater intensity.”


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