“Kamyab Kota’s ‘Dinner with Collector’: Nurturing Minds and Easing Stress for Coaching Students”

“Kamyab Kota: ‘Dinner with Collector’ Program Aims to Alleviate Stress for Coaching Students”

In a heartfelt initiative, Kota District Magistrate Dr Ravinder Goswami has launched the ‘Dinner with Collector’ program under the ‘Kamyab Kota’ campaign. With a personal understanding of coaching stress as a former coaching student, Goswami aims to address the rising number of suicides among coaching students in Kota, a renowned coaching hub.

The weekly program involves Goswami having dinner with students in hostels every Friday to provide a platform for them to express their thoughts and concerns. The interactive sessions include singing Bollywood songs, sharing success mantras, and motivating students to cope with study-related stress.

In response to the alarming suicides last month, Goswami’s initiative seeks to create a supportive environment, allowing students to open up about their challenges and seek guidance. The program emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, and improving where necessary.

Kota, attracting over two lakh students annually, has witnessed a distressing trend with 26 coaching student suicides reported in 2023. Goswami, an IAS officer, draws from his own experiences to inspire students to navigate the challenges of exam preparation without succumbing to self-doubt.

The blog captures the essence of the ‘Dinner with Collector’ program, highlighting its impact on the mental well-being of coaching students and fostering a sense of community in this academic hub. It showcases the personal touch Goswami brings, singing songs with the students, and sharing valuable insights on managing anxiety during exams. Overall, the initiative aims to instill confidence and resilience in the students, creating a positive environment for their academic journey.


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