Delhi Airport Achieves Milestone: Runway 10/28 Upgraded with CAT III Technology for Enhanced Flight Operations in Low Visibility

Delhi Airport’s Runway 10/28 Upgraded with CAT III Technology: A Milestone in Enhancing Flight Operations

In a significant stride towards improving flight operations during low visibility periods, Delhi Airport’s second runway, Runway 10/28, has been equipped with CAT III technology. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) celebrated the successful completion of re-carpeting and refurbishment work at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce the activation of CAT III on the runway. He emphasized, “The CAT III enabled Runway 10/28 at the Delhi Airport has been operationalized today. This would ensure further mitigation of weather-related congestion issues.”

According to sources, the runway has been handed over to Air Traffic Control (ATC) for commercial operations since Saturday, making Delhi Airport boast four operational runways. With the completion of rehabilitation work, the airport is geared for future operations at full capacity.

The re-carpeting project, initiated in mid-September 2023 and completed in December 2023, focused on the 3,813 meters and 45-meter-wide second runway. The subsequent efforts involved operationalizing the Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) and introducing additional taxiways to enhance the overall passenger experience.

DIAL’s meticulous execution included re-carpeting procedures, involving milling the entire runway length and overlaying it with Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB). This enhanced bitumen, combining with polymer materials, ensures durability against heavy-duty traffic and extreme weather conditions.

CAT III technology, an advanced suite of Instrument Landing System (ILS) capabilities, empowers aircraft to land in extremely low visibility conditions, such as dense fog, heavy rain, or snow. Offering precise and reliable guidance, CAT III reduces the risk of accidents caused by human error or spatial confusion during landings. This development not only enhances operational efficiency but also positions Delhi Airport to handle increased passenger traffic and airside capacity, marking a significant milestone in aviation infrastructure and safety.


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