“Political Dynamics Unveiled: Mumbai Youth Congress Leader Extols Ajit Pawar Amid Speculation of Family’s Ties with NCP”

Navigating Loyalties: Young Mumbai Congress Leader Extols Ajit Pawar’s Support

In a twist that has raised eyebrows in political circles, Zeeshan Siddique, the youngest MLA in the Maharashtra assembly and head of the Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress, has addressed speculation about his family’s ties with Ajit Pawar of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Denying any intention to switch parties, Zeeshan emphasized his familial relationship with Ajit Pawar, stating, “I am like a son to him.” The 31-year-old legislator praised Ajit Pawar’s leadership, citing instances where the deputy chief minister supported him during times of injustice. Zeeshan lauded Pawar as an inspirational leader who backs youngsters and maintains a rigorous work ethic.

The backdrop to this development includes the recent exit of Milind Deora, a former Mumbai Congress chief, to the Shiv Sena, adding to the Congress party’s challenges in the city. Congress leaders acknowledge ongoing talks between the Siddique family and the NCP, with speculations of a potential shift by February 10. Zeeshan clarified his stance, affirming his commitment to the Congress while stating he couldn’t speak for his father, Baba Siddique, a prominent figure in Mumbai Congress. Baba Siddique confirmed a meeting with Ajit Pawar but denied immediate plans to leave the Congress, leaving the future open-ended. The Siddique family’s praise for Ajit Pawar is attributed to his commendable work ethic, echoing Zeeshan’s sentiments. As political dialogues unfold, Mumbai watches closely for any shifts in this familial political saga.


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