“India Expresses Concern Over Myanmar’s Instability on Coup Anniversary: Calls for Peaceful Resolution”

India Expresses Concern Over Myanmar’s Ongoing Instability on Coup Anniversary

India has voiced its apprehension regarding the persisting violence and instability in Myanmar as the nation commemorates the third anniversary of the 2021 coup orchestrated by the junta. External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal conveyed India’s unease, emphasizing that the developments in Myanmar directly impact the security of the region.

The expression of concern follows Myanmar’s military rulers extending the state of emergency, which was enforced after the coup ousted the elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi three years ago. The junta, facing challenges from pro-democracy resistance forces since October, has maintained a tenuous hold on power.

Jaiswal, in a media briefing, highlighted India’s longstanding advocacy for the cessation of violence and Myanmar’s transition toward an inclusive, federal democracy. The spokesperson stated, “We want an early resolution of the issue through constructive dialogue and the return of peace and stability in the country.”

India’s concerns encompass various aspects of the situation in Myanmar, including security, instability, and violence. The neighboring country and friend of Myanmar remains committed to encouraging a peaceful resolution to the ongoing challenges.

In a parallel development, the United States imposed additional sanctions on Myanmar, targeting entities and individuals closely associated with the junta. These sanctions aim to limit the junta’s ability to conduct air strikes and manufacture arms as part of their offensive against resistance forces.

The coup on February 1, 2021, marked a tumultuous turning point for Myanmar, triggering nationwide chaos and bringing an end to a decade of democracy and economic reforms. The repercussions also sparked uprisings by armed ethnic groups in various parts of the country. As Myanmar grapples with its internal challenges, India, as a concerned neighbor and ally, advocates for a swift and constructive resolution for the return of peace and stability.


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