“Fast-Tracking the Future: Indian Government’s Rs 2662 Crore Boost to Slash Mumbai-Delhi Travel Time to 12 Hours”

Revolutionizing Rail Travel: Mumbai-Delhi Route Set for a Rapid Transformation

In a groundbreaking stride towards enhancing travel efficiency, the Indian government has allocated a whopping Rs 2662 crore in the interim budget to revolutionize the Mumbai-Delhi rail corridor. The primary goal is to trim the travel time between these pivotal cities, setting an ambitious target of a mere 12-hour journey.

Currently, the fastest train on this route, the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani, clocks nearly 16 hours for the journey, chugging along at a maximum speed of 130 kmph. The proposed investment aims to catapult the speed to an impressive 160 kmph/200 kmph on the existing New Delhi-Mumbai route, including the critical Vadodara-Ahmedabad stretch.

Insiders reveal that the speed enhancement initiative is well underway, with completion anticipated in the coming months. A senior official from Western Railway notes that the speed-up work for the Mumbai-Delhi route is on track for completion by March 2024. Post this, trials and certifications will pave the way for achieving the targeted maximum permissible speed of 160 kmph.

This endeavor transcends time reduction; it embodies a commitment to reshape the entire travel experience. With a substantial injection of funds, the government is dedicated to upgrading rail infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the nation, as highlighted by a senior railway official.

Extended Impact Across Sectors
The project’s implications span logistics, business, and tourism. Improved connectivity is poised to benefit not just major urban hubs like Delhi and Mumbai but also fuel economic growth in regions along the corridor, according to senior railway officials.

The railways envision elevating the maximum train speed on these routes to 160 kmph/200 kmph, anticipating a significant 4-hour reduction in travel time between the national and financial capitals. An official emphasizes, “The Delhi-Mumbai sector encompasses Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Improved infrastructure stands to benefit passengers from seven states.”


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