Bunnings and Bluey’s DIY Delight: Transforming Stores for Family Fun and Free Workshops

Bunnings and Bluey Unite: A DIY Adventure for the Whole Family

Bunnings, the DIY giant, is stepping into the lifestyle market with an exciting collaboration with the beloved animated series, Bluey. Embracing the spirit of DIY, six Bunnings stores across Australia are undergoing a whimsical Hammerbarn-themed makeover this month.

This transformation is not just about aesthetics; it’s a family-friendly experience. Bunnings is hosting free Bluey-themed kids’ DIY workshops on weekends, adding a touch of creativity to the usual hardware shopping routine. To top it off, merchandise inspired by the hit show, including charming garden gnomes, will be available at these transformed stores.

Why the collaboration? According to Bunnings, Bluey’s animated series, centered around a family’s trip to an Australian building supply store, aligns seamlessly with the DIY giant’s ethos. The synergy was sparked by the popularity of the Bluey Hammerbarn episode from season two, capturing the imagination of kids and parents alike.

Bunnings’ CEO, Ryan Baker, expressed excitement about the partnership with BBC Studios and Ludo Studio, bringing the Hammerbarn experience to life in stores nationwide. For many customers, Bunnings has affectionately been referred to as Hammerbarn since the episode aired, making this transformation particularly special.

The goal is to make the Hammerbarn experience accessible to Bluey fans and customers across the country. From the Hammerbarn-themed stores to rebranded kids’ trolleys, Bunnings is creating a unique and enjoyable space for families to explore the world of Bluey while embracing their inner DIY spirit.


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