“Van Gogh 360° Exhibition: Pune’s Art Immersion with Animated Masterpieces”

“Van Gogh 360° Exhibition: A Surreal Dive into Art’s Timeless Tapestry in Pune”

Step beyond the traditional art gallery experience as the Van Gogh 360° exhibition arrives in Pune, promising a unique immersive journey into the world of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces. From February 28, art enthusiasts can lose themselves in this tent-based setup at the Nursery Grounds, adjacent to the Passport Office in Mundhwa.

Roma Makkad, the spokesperson for Van Gogh 360°, shared insights into the exhibition’s distinctive setup, with animated paintings encircling visitors in a 360-degree spectacle. The tent houses projectors and screens, turning every surface into a canvas, from walls to ceilings and even the floor beneath.

Explore three captivating rooms during the one-hour slots available. The educational room sets the stage, offering a deep dive into Van Gogh’s life, mental health struggles, and intricate details of each painting. The immersive room follows, bringing the animated masterpieces to life. Before bidding farewell, visitors can browse the merchandise room.

Makkad emphasized the unhurried nature of the experience, allowing attendees to reflect and savor the artwork. Art students in Pune are expected to flock to this transformative encounter, blending technology with classic art.

Shivani Halder, a fine arts student, anticipates the fusion of modern technology with timeless art, envisioning it as the future of the art world. Meenakshi Joshi, another art student, sees the exhibition as an opportunity to delve into Van Gogh’s mental health discourse, hoping for collaborative initiatives with educational institutions to make the experience accessible.

In a world where conversations about mental health are gaining prominence, the Van Gogh 360° exhibition not only offers a visual spectacle but also becomes a platform for contemplation and discussion. While ticket prices might seem steep, the potential collaboration with schools, colleges, and art institutions could open doors for a broader audience to embrace this unique artistic encounter.


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