“US-India Drone Deal: Elevating Strategic Cooperation to New Heights”

“US-India Drone Deal: Soaring into New Heights of Cooperation”

In a recent statement, the US State Department expressed its optimistic outlook on the proposed drone deal with India, highlighting its “significant potential” for advancing strategic technology cooperation between the two nations.

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit last year, the announcement of this deal marked a milestone in the robust growth of the US-India defence partnership over the past decade. Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the US State Department, underscored the importance of this agreement in strengthening strategic technology ties with India and fostering increased military collaboration in the region.

Addressing the media, Miller remarked, “The US-India Defence Partnership has witnessed substantial growth over the past decade. This proposed sale, announced during Prime Minister Modi’s visit, holds significant potential to further advance strategic technology cooperation and military collaboration in the region.”

Acknowledging the pivotal role of Congress in the arms transfer process, Miller highlighted the routine consultations with members of Congress on foreign affairs committees before formal notifications. “Congress plays a crucial role in the US arms transfer process. We routinely consult with members of Congress on foreign affairs committees before formal notifications to address any questions they might have. However, I don’t have any comment on when that formal notification might take place,” Miller explained.

As the drone deal takes flight, it symbolizes not just a transaction but a soaring partnership between the US and India, promising new heights of cooperation in strategic technology and military endeavors.


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