“Maldives Prosecutor General Stabbed: Unraveling the Political Turmoil and Rising Violence”

In a shocking incident in the Maldives, Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem, appointed by the Maldivian Democratic Party, was brutally stabbed with a machete by unidentified attackers. This comes amid a series of targeted attacks on Maldivian parliamentarians in recent days. The Democrats, the party of former President Mohamed Nasheed, labeled the assault as pre-meditated and well-planned, emphasizing the severity of an attack on a constitutionally appointed official responsible for crucial duties within the criminal justice system. The incident raises concerns and is under investigation by the Maldives Police.

This event unfolded against a backdrop of chaos in the Maldivian Parliament, where lawmakers engaged in physical altercations, disrupting a special session aimed at seeking parliamentary approval for President Muizzu’s cabinet ministers. Tensions escalated as MPs from the ruling alliance clashed with those from the Maldivian Democratic Party.

President Muizzu, who defeated the India-friendly incumbent Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in September’s presidential runoff, assumed office on November 17. Notably, he formally requested India to withdraw 88 military personnel from the Maldives by March 15. The request stirred diplomatic discussions as the Indian military personnel assist in operating a Dornier aircraft and two helicopters provided by India, as per the latest government figures.

The attack on Prosecutor General Shameem underscores the challenges facing the Maldives, with targeted violence against key figures in a politically charged environment. The incident is a cause for concern, signaling potential disruptions to the nation’s stability and prompting investigations into the motives behind such attacks.

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