“Kriti Sanon’s Selfless Act: A Touching Moment Outside Indian Idol Sets Sparks Fan Admiration”

Kriti Sanon’s Heartwarming Gesture: A Tale of Humility Outside Indian Idol Sets

Kriti Sanon, the beloved Bollywood actress, not only captivates audiences with her stellar performances but also wins hearts with her humble demeanor. Recently, a heartwarming incident unfolded outside the sets of Indian Idol in Mumbai, showcasing Kriti’s down-to-earth nature.

On a Wednesday afternoon, Kriti was spotted outside Mumbai’s film city, engrossed in the shooting of Indian Idol. A fan eager for a selfie attempted to approach her, only to be stopped by Kriti’s vigilant bodyguard. Sensing the fan’s disappointment, Kriti stepped in, urging her security to let him be. “Arey chodo,” she exclaimed, ensuring the fan got his cherished moment as she graciously posed for a selfie.

The touching video of this incident circulated on social media, sparking admiration from fans. Expressing their sentiments, fans praised Kriti for her golden heart and kind gesture. Such instances only solidify Kriti Sanon’s standing as not just a talented actress but also a celebrity who values her fans.

In the cinematic realm, Kriti was last seen in “Ganapath” alongside Tiger Shroff, marking their second collaboration after “Heropanti.” Despite the film’s box office performance, Kriti’s prowess earned her the Best Actress National Award last year for her role in “Mimi.” As Kriti continues to shine on the big screen, her off-screen acts of kindness make her an endearing figure in the hearts of her fans.


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