“Jackie Robinson Statue Theft: A Heartbreaking Blow to Wichita’s Baseball Legacy”

“Heartbreak in Wichita: Jackie Robinson Statue Stolen and Vandalized”

In a disheartening turn of events, a beloved Jackie Robinson statue, owned and erected by the League 42 Foundation, fell victim to theft and vandalism. The nonprofit youth baseball league, dedicated to Robinson’s legacy, now grapples with the loss of this meaningful tribute.

Stolen in the Shadows:
Under the cover of darkness, the life-sized statue was stolen from its mount just after midnight, leaving the community in shock. Thieves heartlessly cut off the statue’s body at the ankles, diminishing a symbol of inspiration for many.

A Disturbing Discovery:
Adding to the anguish, the Wichita Fire Department stumbled upon the aftermath when responding to a reported trash can fire at a park. Pieces of the statue were found burned beyond repair, compounding the senseless act of theft with intentional destruction.

League 42 Foundation’s Mission:
The League 42 Foundation, the custodian of this tribute to Jackie Robinson, stands as a nonprofit youth baseball league founded in honor of the iconic figure. The league’s commitment to youth development through baseball now faces the challenge of rebuilding a cherished symbol.

Community Mourns Loss:
Local news outlet KAKE reported the incident, sharing images of the stolen and vandalized statue. The community expresses collective sorrow over the desecration of a monument that represented resilience, breaking barriers, and the enduring legacy of Jackie Robinson.

As the League 42 Foundation confronts this unfortunate episode, the broader community rallies in support, hoping to restore not just a statue but the spirit of inspiration that Jackie Robinson symbolizes.**


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