“Chopra-Jonas Mansion Woes: Priyanka and Nick’s Legal Battle Over Luxury Home Nightmare”

“Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Face Home Woes: Luxury Property Woes Lead to Legal Battle”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, the power couple residing in their dream home in Los Angeles since 2019, have encountered a nightmare as they moved out due to significant damages rendering the property “virtually unlivable,” according to a report by Page Six. The couple is now entangled in a legal dispute with the sellers, stemming from water damage that caused a mold infestation, making the residence hazardous from a health perspective.

The luxurious property, purchased for $20 million in 2019, boasted seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, chef’s kitchen, home theatre, bowling alley, spa and steam shower, gym, and a billiards room. However, the idyllic picture began to crumble as water-related issues surfaced shortly after the acquisition.

According to the lawsuit filed in May 2023, problems with the pool and spa emerged, leading to fostered mold contamination and related complications due to waterproofing issues. Simultaneously, another water leak occurred in the barbecue area on the deck, exacerbating the structural challenges.

Chopra and Jonas are pursuing “consequential damages” as outlined in the lawsuit, aiming for compensation covering repair costs, loss of use, and other damages resulting from the sellers’ alleged negligence. Reports indicate that the repair expenses could surpass $1.5 million and potentially reach up to $2.5 million.

Amidst this legal battle, Priyanka, Nick, and their daughter Malti Marie have relocated to another property while awaiting the repairs on their original home. Despite their global travel commitments, the couple maintains Los Angeles as their base.

This unexpected twist in the celebrity couple’s real estate journey sheds light on the challenges even high-profile individuals face in navigating property-related disputes, highlighting the importance of due diligence in real estate transactions.


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