Simone Rocha Takes the Spotlight: Jean Paul Gaultier’s Maison Welcomes a Fresh Chapter in Haute Couture for Spring/Summer 2024

Exploring the Colorful Chapters of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris Headquarters

Nestled within the fascinating history of a boxing hall, ribbon factory, and even a nightclub, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris headquarters has seen as many vibrant chapters as the iconic designer himself. This Belle Époque masterpiece, housing Gaultier’s creative endeavors, is the backdrop for an exclusive interview with the enfant terrible of fashion and the talented Irish designer, Simone Rocha. As they prepare for Rocha’s haute couture spring/summer 2024 collection showcase on January 24, the grand ballroom sets the stage for a captivating journey into the world of Gaultier’s ever-evolving fashion legacy.

Passing the Torch: Gaultier’s Unique Approach to Creative Direction

Since presenting his final 50th-anniversary collection in January 2020, Jean Paul Gaultier has taken a distinctive approach to keeping his maison alive and dynamic. Each season, he entrusts the creative helm to a different designer he admires. The list of guest designers includes Julien Dossena, Haider Ackermann, Olivier Rousteing, Glenn Martens, and Chitose Abe. In this exclusive interview, Gaultier sheds light on his philosophy, stating, “I let each designer do what they want.” This unique approach allows fresh energy to infuse the brand, and Simone Rocha’s vision becomes the latest chapter in this innovative narrative.

Simone Rocha: A Vision Unveiled

Simone Rocha, the London-based Irish designer, steps into the limelight as the latest guest designer for Jean Paul Gaultier’s maison. Having followed in the footsteps of renowned designers, Rocha presents her haute couture spring/summer 2024 collection, a culmination of around 40 distinct looks. Gaultier explains his hands-off approach, emphasizing the importance of allowing designers the freedom to express their unique perspectives. The collaboration unfolds seamlessly, with Rocha infusing her creativity into the fabric of Gaultier’s storied fashion house.

Behind-the-Scenes Luncheon: A Meeting of Creative Minds

The collaborative process takes center stage as Gaultier and Rocha share insights into their behind-the-scenes luncheon. Gaultier expresses his belief in offering designers the freedom to shape their vision for the house. The meeting with Rocha, characterized by creativity and camaraderie, paved the way for her to bring a fresh energy to Gaultier’s legacy. In the grand ballroom with its vaulted ceiling and rococo plasterwork, the foundations were laid for a collection that promises to be a testament to Rocha’s distinctive style and Gaultier’s visionary approach.

Continuing the Legacy: Gaultier’s Ever-Evolving Fashion Dynasty

As Simone Rocha’s haute couture collection takes the spotlight, it becomes evident that Jean Paul Gaultier’s legacy is not only preserved but also enriched by the diversity of creative voices he invites into his maison. With every passing season, the house continues to evolve, embracing the unique perspectives of talented designers. The grand ballroom, witness to countless fashion stories, now awaits the unveiling of Rocha’s contribution—a chapter in the ongoing saga of Gaultier’s revolutionary impact on the world of haute couture.


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