Moschino’s Next Act: Adrian Appiolaza Takes Center Stage as Creative Director

1. Moschino Announces Adrian Appiolaza as Creative Director: A Visionary With Rich Design Pedigree

Italian luxury fashion house Moschino has appointed Adrian Appiolaza, a seasoned designer with an impressive industry pedigree, as its new creative director. Boasting a background that includes studying at Central Saint Martins and collaborating with design greats like Alexander McQueen, Phoebe Philo, Marc Jacobs, and J.W. Anderson at Loewe, Appiolaza brings a wealth of experience to the iconic brand.

2. A Tribute to Franco Moschino’s Legacy: Adrian Appiolaza’s Appreciation for Wit and Irony

Expressing his admiration for Moschino’s sharp wit and irony, Appiolaza acknowledges the designer’s significant impact on the history of fashion. Having collected original Moschino pieces throughout his career, Appiolaza is set to honor Franco Moschino’s legacy while infusing his own creative vision into the brand’s future.

3. Debut Collection at Milan Fashion Week: A Glimpse Into the Future of Moschino

Adrian Appiolaza is gearing up to unveil his inaugural collection as Moschino’s creative director during Milan Fashion Week this February. The eagerly anticipated show will take place at the Museo della Permanente, a venue steeped in Moschino history, having hosted a notable exhibition in 1993 celebrating the brand’s first decade.

4. Tasked With Reopening Moschino’s Window: A New Chapter Unfolding

Acknowledging the significance of this new role, Appiolaza expresses gratitude to Massimo Ferretti for the opportunity and sees his task as reopening the window into the world that Franco Moschino opened for all. With a commitment to preserving Moschino’s essence, Appiolaza aims to contribute to the brand’s enduring legacy.

5. A Journey Into the Future: Adrian Appiolaza’s Honor and Challenge

In a press release, Appiolaza reflects on the honor bestowed upon him by Massimo Ferretti and outlines his commitment to navigate the brand’s future challenges. With a focus on weaving a narrative that respects Moschino’s roots while embracing innovation, Appiolaza is poised to script a compelling new chapter in the Maison’s adventure.


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