Kalakriti’s Mythological Masterpieces: Windows to the Gods at India Art Fair 2024

Exploring Mythology Through Art: Kalakriti’s Windows to the Gods at India Art Fair 2024

In a dazzling display of artistic prowess, Hyderabad’s Kalakriti art gallery is set to captivate the audience at the 15th edition of the India Art Fair 2024. Nestled in booth number D08, the exhibition titled “Windows to the Gods” unveils a mesmerizing collection by artists Nagesh Goud, R Giridhar Gowd, Sachin Jaltare, and Priyanka Aelay, all hailing from the Telugu States.

Abstract Figuratives by Sachin Jaltare: A Dance of Form and Formless

Sachin Jaltare’s abstract figuratives take center stage, offering a synergistic blend of form and formless. With a focus on inward reflections and awakening consciousness, Jaltare presents divine energies through depictions of Shiva, Shakti, and Krishna. Using acrylic on canvas, watercolors, and pen and ink drawings, his creations in shades of grey, muted blues, and occasional vermillion red exude a meditative quality, inviting viewers to explore spirituality beyond the material realm.

Priyanka Aelay’s Dark-Themed Odes to Nature

Priyanka Aelay’s dark-themed paintings unfold as an extension of her earlier series on Ramayana and the folk story of Balanagamma. Celebrating the essence of nature, her acrylic on linen canvas artworks portray mysterious forests in deep greens and blues. Each painting tells a tale – a monkey indulging in a fruit echoes Hanuman’s journey, a woman seeking help mirrors Sita, while a luminescent deer pays homage to the inspiration drawn from the Ramayana.

Traditional Imagery in R Giridhar Gowd’s Miniatures

R Giridhar Gowd takes a traditional approach, presenting a set of 18 miniatures dedicated to Shiva and Shakti. Inspired by the Vijayanagara style of paintings, his creations are based on extensive studies of Dakshinatya Natyakala Charitra and Rupa Dhyana Ratnavali. Each miniature breathes life into traditional imagery of gods and goddesses, offering a visual feast for art enthusiasts.

Nagesh Goud’s Mastery of Masks and Sculptures

Nagesh Goud, exploring new artistic avenues, showcases wall-mounted masks and tabletop sculptures adorned with texts from Krishna and Rama stories. From fibreglass masks of Rama, Sita, and Hanuman to three-dimensional sculptures of Krishna and Rukmini, Goud’s creations intertwine mythology with contemporary artistic expression. The artist’s year-long journey working with clay and creating moulds culminates in these exquisite fibreglass structures.

Kalakriti’s Decade-long Artistic Journey

As Kalakriti marks a decade of showcasing at the India Art Fair, co-founder and CEO Rekha Lahoti reflects on the gallery’s evolution. Grateful for the audience’s anticipation, Lahoti shares the joy of returning patrons recalling past showcases. This year’s theme, exploring mythology from a contemporary perspective through diverse media, reflects the gallery’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

Conclusion: A Mythological Odyssey at India Art Fair 2024

Kalakriti’s “Windows to the Gods” beckons art enthusiasts on a mythological odyssey, where tradition meets contemporary expression. The diverse artworks showcased by Nagesh Goud, R Giridhar Gowd, Sachin Jaltare, and Priyanka Aelay not only celebrate ancient tales but also invite viewers to ponder spirituality and faith in the context of modern art. As India Art Fair 2024 unfolds, Kalakriti’s booth stands as a testament to the enduring power of artistic storytelling.


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