Indian Fashion Triumph: From Mumbai to Milan, Aarohanam Collection and Sonam Kapoor Shine on Global Runways

“From Mumbai to Milan: India’s Fashion Triumph on the Global Stage

In a spectacular showcase of style and sophistication, Indian designers and models have emerged as trendsetters, transcending borders from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the glamorous runways of Milan and Paris. As the glitz and glamour of Paris and Milan’s Haute Couture week fade into memory, the influence of India’s vibrant fashion legacy lingers on, echoing through the global fashion stratosphere.

No longer confined to the sidelines of European fashion capitals, Indian creativity has taken center stage. Milan and Paris witnessed a cultural revolution as Indian designers and models left an indelible mark, painting the runways with a palette of vibrant colors, showcasing breathtaking craftsmanship, and asserting undeniable talent. It was a celebration of heritage seamlessly intertwined with modernity, affirming the burgeoning influence of Indian fashion on the world stage.

On January 25th, Gaurav Gupta unveiled his latest collection, ‘Aarohanam,’ at the prestigious American Cathedral in Paris. The collection featured a stunning array of pieces, including cropped jackets, exaggerated capes, a fluid trench coat, and sculpted metal structures. What set Gupta’s creations apart was the use of traditional Indian techniques like ‘badla,’ ‘mukaish,’ and ‘zardozi,’ infusing each piece with a rich cultural tapestry.

Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor graced the Paris Fashion Week, captivating onlookers in an all-black ensemble from Dior’s Cruise Collection. Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Kapoor’s attire was a vision of elegance, seamlessly blending Indian charm with international allure.

As India continues to make its mark in the global fashion arena, the fusion of tradition and contemporary flair propels Indian designers to the forefront. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the runways of Milan and Paris, the world is taking note of India’s undeniable influence on the ever-evolving canvas of fashion.”


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