“Foggy Skies and Flight Delays: Navigating CAT-III Challenges at Delhi Airport”

“Delhi Airport’s Dance with Fog: Navigating the Skies Through CAT-III Challenges”

In a whimsical twist of nature, Delhi airport, India’s bustling aviation hub, faced a poetic disruption as dense fog descended, casting a misty veil over flight operations. By 7 am, the bustling airways saw the diversion of five flights, seeking refuge in Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai, as visibility played a whimsical game.

Delays ruffled the feathers of over 200 flights, with a nod to the challenge posed by the foggy embrace. The intricate dance unfolded, revealing that the flights diverted were those not steered by the seasoned hands of CAT-III qualified pilots. In the aviation realm, CAT-III signifies an advanced instrument landing system, a beacon of precision guiding planes through the enigmatic shroud of low visibility – be it fog, rain, or snow.

Yet, even as CAT-III qualified pilots stood ready, the runway symphony faced a hiccup. The airport, adorned with three CAT-III compliant runways, found its oldest runway, 9/27, bereft of this capability. The eagerly anticipated operationalization of runway 28/10, amid re-carpeting endeavors, patiently awaits the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s blessing, postponed until mid-February.

In this celestial ballet, runway 29R-11L emerges as a CAT-III compliant protagonist, awaiting certification for landings from both ends. As a result, runway 29L-11R takes center stage as the main runway for CAT-III flight operations, guiding planes through the celestial maze.

As Wednesday’s rain joins the cosmic performance, whispers of potential disruptions fill the air. IndiGo, the soaring giant of Indian skies, sends forth a gentle warning to passengers, acknowledging the delicate dance between aviation and weather forecasts in Delhi, Srinagar, and Chandigarh.

In this dance of elements, Delhi airport beckons pilots and passengers alike to embrace the unpredictable, where foggy veils and raindrop curtains weave a tale of challenges and resilience in the boundless sky.


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