“Animal Dominates Netflix Charts: Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Thriller Claims Top Spot in Non-English Films”

“Animal Roars: Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Thriller Claims Top Spot on Netflix Charts”

In a cinematic triumph, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s audacious creation, “Animal,” has seized the spotlight on Netflix, capturing the fourth position in the Films-Non-English category. The streaming giant recently unveiled its Non-English Top 10 movies and watch hours report for the week of January 22 to January 28, 2024, revealing “Animal” as a formidable contender in the global streaming arena.

Netflix’s official report underscores the immense popularity of “Animal,” registering an impressive 20,800,000 hours of watch time and garnering 6,200,000 views during the specified period. This accolade positions the film as a captivating choice for audiences seeking bold and gripping narratives beyond the English language offerings.

Interestingly, while “Animal” claims its spot in the top tier, another cinematic powerhouse takes center stage in the global arena. Prasanth Neel’s collaboration with Prabhas, the eagerly anticipated “Salaar,” maintains a strong presence in the top 10 list, securing the sixth position. This reaffirms the international appeal of Indian cinema and the growing recognition of regional films on a global scale.

“Salaar” amassed 5,600,000 watch hours and garnered 1,900,000 views from January 22 to January 28, 2024, showcasing the enduring popularity of this cinematic masterpiece. The consistent performance of “Salaar” in the global top 10 attests to the captivating storytelling and star power that transcend cultural boundaries.

In a landscape where entertainment knows no borders, the success of “Animal” and the sustained recognition of “Salaar” highlight the evolving dynamics of global content consumption. As viewers worldwide embrace diverse narratives, Indian cinema stands proudly at the forefront, delivering compelling stories that resonate across languages and cultures.

As we navigate the streaming landscape, the triumph of “Animal” and the enduring appeal of “Salaar” invite audiences to explore the rich tapestry of non-English cinema. These films not only entertain but also contribute to the cultural mosaic, fostering a global appreciation for storytelling that transcends linguistic barriers.


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