Alphabet’s Impressive Q4 Earnings: Key Insights and Market Resilience

Strong Q4 Earnings for Alphabet

Alphabet, the parent company of Google (GOOGL), reported impressive Q4 earnings, exceeding estimates. Google earnings surged 56% to $1.64 per share, and gross revenue rose by 13% to $86.31 billion.

Mixed Performance in Core Advertising

While GOOGL stock faced a 4.3% decline in extended trading due to a slight miss in core advertising expectations, analyst Mark Mahaney highlighted the quarter’s fundamental strength in accelerated growth across various revenue streams.

YouTube’s Ad Revenue Contribution

YouTube’s ad revenue reached $9.2 billion, a 15% increase in line with estimates, underscoring its significance as a key revenue driver for Alphabet.

Stock Buybacks and Traffic Acquisition Costs

In Q4, Google repurchased $16.2 billion of its stock, and traffic acquisition costs rose by 8% to $13.98 billion. Google’s payments to Apple were central to the Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit.

Stock Performance and Resilience

GOOGL stock faced a 4.3% decline in extended trading post-Q4 earnings but rebounded significantly after a 13% sell-off in October 2023, showcasing resilience.

Overall Stock Performance and Relative Strength

Alphabet shares gained 9% in 2024, building on a 58% climb in 2023. Despite recent declines, GOOGL stock maintains a robust Relative Strength Rating of 89 out of 99.

Conclusion: Alphabet’s Resilience

In conclusion, Alphabet’s robust Q4 performance underscores its financial stability, with consistent ad revenue from YouTube and strategic stock buybacks contributing to its resilience in the market. Despite short-term market reactions, Alphabet remains a formidable player in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


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