Revolutionizing Mumbai’s Landscape: Themed Stretches Along the Coastal Road Project

Transforming Worli’s Coastal Landscape: A Glimpse into Mumbai’s Ambitious Promenade Project

Revolutionizing Urban Spaces: Themed Stretches Along the Coastal Road

In the heart of Worli, 14 palm trees, uprooted from nurseries in Kolkata, are swaying gracefully, acclimating to their new home—the 7.5-kilometre promenade integral to the coastal road project. This verdant spectacle is just a glimpse of the city’s ambitious plan to create themed stretches along the promenade, with the first 120-meter mock-up already gracing the Worli section.

An Imagined Oasis: Unveiling Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is steering the transformation of the coastal landscape with the 7.5-kilometre promenade, slated to open its main eight-lane carriageway for vehicles by May 2024. This expansive stretch, an alternative route for north-south connectivity, intertwines with the 10.58-kilometre high-speed MCRP corridor, promising not just a transportation lifeline but a canvas for recreational public spaces and lush greenery.

Hong Kong-Inspired Elegance: A Sneak Peek into the Pilot Stretch

Inspired by a Hong Kong-based concept, the first themed stretch at Worli paints a picturesque scene. Palm trees, strategically placed every five meters, and meticulously landscaped shrubs adorn this 120-meter pilot stretch. Consultants envision a pathway catering to the differently-abled, featuring tactile tiles, comfortable seating, bike racks, water stations, and a technologically savvy infrastructure with smart poles, CCTVs, and decorative lighting.

Planning Beyond Marine Drive: The Evolution of the Design

Initially envisioned as a replication of the iconic Marine Drive promenade, the design took an intriguing turn. Pawan Padiyar, planning head at HCC and one of the project consultants, explains, “On the basis of an alternate design, we have prepared this mock-up at Worli. The stretch will offer two pathways at different levels for pedestrians, coupled with a dedicated cycle track, deviating from the conventional urban landscape.”

A Glimpse into the Future: Themed Stretches Propelling Mumbai’s Coastal Renaissance

As the BMC gears up to float tenders for the themed stretches, the Worli pilot serves as a tangible preview of what lies ahead. The vision is clear—to infuse Mumbai’s coastal road with not just functionality but an aesthetic appeal, creating spaces where nature, urban living, and technological innovation converge. This venture promises to redefine Worli’s skyline and offer Mumbaikars a unique blend of green serenity and contemporary design, setting the stage for a vibrant coastal renaissance.


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